I am the daughter of a CDPAP patient. I would like to give a brief description of my father’s case. He once resided in Boston, Massachusetts where he suffered a spinal cord injury that left him immobile but alive. At this point my father required 24 hour care, which became hard for me to do while working. I reached out to a friend of mine who works for New Century Home Care, and she suggested getting home care services. I explained to her that my father will not receive outside care well since he has rejected every stranger that has come into my home. She suggested the CDPAP program where a family member can attend to my father as his home care assistant.

I contacted New Century Home Care, and within the same day I was contacted by a NCHC representative and was scheduled for a home visit within the same week. The Medicaid process was easier than most people made it seem because of all their assistance.

The Human Resources CDPAP representative was amazing and very helpful. She made The application process very easy and accurate. She had great knowledge of all the Department of Health guidelines. She made sure our Personal Assistant received vaccines they did not know they needed. She checked in daily to make sure all the necessary documents were submitted. They are the best home care to start services with entire quality care for your loved ones.

New Century Home Care is an amazing agency, their staff is very efficient and helpful. I would not choose another place to have my father as a first-time agency. I will continue to refer friends and family.

Truly yours, Josette M.

Dear Bianca,

Please convey our sincere thanks to the administrators and staff of New Century Home Care. We appreciate your comforting words and commend you on your excellent care of our loved one.

From his Family


I would like to commend you and your staff on how helpful and encouraging you all are.  This is a very overwhelming process for the caregiver and without you and your staff I could not have given my mother-in-law the help she required.

Your girls, Stacey and Kelly (that’s what we call her) are wonderful.  They not only take care of my mother in law while I am at work, but they are so loving and treat her with the utmost respect.

Thank you again for everything you and your staff have done for us.

Susan Nunziata

New Century Home Care is a wonderful company! They were helpful,efficient and professional during our time of need. We are now functioning much better thanks to them and their excellent care!

Alice Cagman Cartagena

New Century Homme Care une compagnie sans pareil. Confier-leur vos chers parents c’est un des plus grands cadeaux que vous pouvez leur offrir…zut,,,,n’attendez pas, je sais de quoi je parle, j’y travaille depuis sept ans et je n’ai qu’à les complimenter.

Carole Joseph

Great company. Great people. If you are an Certified Home Health Aide and looking for a company to work for. New Century Home Care is the place.

Azcarate BeaBea

Dear Tania,

I am in charge of the care of my 85-year-old aunt, who suffers from dementia in additional to several physical ailments. I worked with several home care agencies and was not happy with the care my aunt was receiving until New Century was recommended to me.

My aunt is now receiving the most excellent full-time care from two of your home health aides – Joan and Cassandra. They are professional, patient, kind, and compassionate. They are able to deal with my aunt’s confusion and frustration at her memory loss with humor and sympathy. Both aides are mature and experienced and able to handle anything that arises. They have made life much easier for my aunt and myself.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you and Allen and everyone at New Century for accommodating me, listening to my requests and promptly returning my calls. It’s been a pleasure working with New Century!

Best regards,
Susan Freeman

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Scharf:
One of your residents was under my care in the Emergency Department at Maimonides Medical Center today, admitted for pain and rule-out infection. She arrived with her daughter and also an aide – a young woman named “Amrin.”

I was not surprised when I asked the aide where she worked and she replied “Ateret Avot.” The dedication and care on the part of Amrin toward the patient was outstanding. In the past, I have seen many patients accompanied by a home health aide to find the aide preoccupied with personal matters and wearing a look that says “get me out of here” but Amrin sat by the patient’s side throughout her stay and attended to her with patience and taking the initiative with a smile (even after the daughter left for a few hours)- as if she were her own mother. I am taking the time to write this email because of how impressed I was. Amrin was a terrific help and is a shining example of your “Scharf Tradition.”

Best wishes for continued success.
Mark Kolodny, RN

Dear staff of New Century,
I have to admit that until recently I was truly at wits end. My mother, Molly, who is 95 years old had fallen and broken a hip, and had ended up on a respirator. I was left scrambling to care for my mother and was missing work almost every day. Finally I was put in touch with the wonderful staff at New Century who immediately sprung into action, and arranged for full time care from home health aides.

The aides have been amazing. They keep the house immaculate, take care of my mother’s every need, encourage, and even amuse her. Recently her doctor commented that she looked great! They show endless patience in providing for my mother’s needs. After the surgery, the doctor said she would probably never walk again, but Sophie, the aide, took her out for walks when the weather was nice, and even got her to walk around the block. It took them about an hour and it was only through Sophie’s encouragement that my mother was able to do it. The doctor is amazed at her progress.

Until now I had started to feel like a prisoner in my mother’s home, but with my newfound freedom, I have been able to return to work, and have much brighter outlook on my mother’s situation.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Frieda Levy

Dear New Century,
I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks on the outstanding aide you have provided for my dear mother, Tira.

The aide, Mary, performs all the aspects of caring excellently, and my mom has grown very fond of her. My mother has always been very clean and somewhat of a perfectionist, but the aide has always remained patient and kind. She has been a true savior to our family.

Gratefully yours,
Victoria Choai

Dear New Century,
I am writing this letter on behalf of my husband, whose father, Joseph Hadad, you care for. The aide sent to us by New Century, Jackie, has been amazing. She treats my father in law with patience, kindness, and dignity. She does everything with a smile and is always proactive in her caring. Having her has lifted a tremendous burden for my family, especially for my mother in law who feels like her life was renewed.

The staff at New Century has always been extremely accessible, efficient, and quick to respond. They have said yes to every request we have made!

On behalf of my entire family, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and wish you continued success.

All the best,
Sarah Hadad