5 Apps & Technologies that Give Seniors More Control Over Their Health


Apps and other new technology might still seem unintuitive to some older adults. If your loved one is unfamiliar or uncomfortable with new technologies, then you may be hesitant to make recommendations. However, there are some technologies that help seniors so much, that they’re worth the time and investment to get. Here are five technologies and apps that are worth your time because they’re designed to help seniors regain control of their health and live more independently.


It makes sense that your loved one might be embarrassed by conventional technologies designed to detect and alert support people to their falls. The solution is VitalBand from VitalTech. Instead of being an embarrassingly large or colorful pendant, the band looks like any watch. Along with sending out fall alerts, the watch can also monitor oxygen saturation, heart rate and respiration rate. With VitalBand, your loved one and their caretakers can get the information they need to make better decisions.


Think of ElliQ as a voice service geared towards seniors specifically. It has all kinds of features, like checking the weather and setting reminders for medication. However, it is more active than your average voice service. It initiates conversations and encourages healthy behaviors. For example, it might ask if you want to go for a walk, talk to a family member, or send a picture to a friend.

Hero Pill Dispenser

Remembering if you’ve taken your medication can be a challenge. The Hero Pill Dispenser makes it simple because it automatically dispenses your medications, according to an intricately customizable program. It can dispense up to 10 different pills, although it won’t work with gummies or sticky pills. While it does come with a monthly subscription, there are a ton of features included like notifications for when medication is low and security features like password protection.


Toi Labs created a toilet seat that can monitor for health conditions like dehydration, urinary tract infections, and many other conditions. Of course, it can be challenging for seniors to bring their bathroom issues to the attention of their caregivers, so the TrueLoo can help relieve seniors of that stress. Seniors who live at home can also use the technology to better monitor their own health. Afterall, few people think to look for dehydration, and you couldn’t test yourself for infections so easily without it.

Joy for All Pets

The emotional and physical benefits of having a pet are well-established. However, for many seniors, the demands of walking, feeding, and brushing a pet may be too much. That’s where Joy for All comes in. This company designed electronic pets that can give seniors joy without demanding anything of them. They are realistic, soft, and respond to touch.

These are just a few of the technologies that our home health care aides often recommend to enhance quality of life and improve health. All of these technologies are designed to empower seniors and help foster a sense of independence. Give the team at New Century Health Care a call to learn more!