5 Reasons to be an HHA in 2020


Brave and compassionate people are needed now more than ever to work within the healthcare industry. Those who choose a career as a Home Health Aide (HHA) do so because they want to help others. In doing so, they experience a number of other benefits, too! Here are five reasons to consider becoming an HHA in 2020:

Job Security

HHAs are in high demand, and that demand will only increase as more people age. Most HHAs enjoy more mobility and opportunity as their experience increases. For many Americans, home health care options are becoming a popular choice over assisted living facilities. With that in mind, it’s smart to position yourself in a growing and essential industry, so that your employment is guaranteed into the future.

Homes over Health Care Facilities

Of course, working in a health care facility has many of the same benefits that working as an HHA does. So why choose to work in people’s homes instead of in a facility? For the right person, working in a client’s home environment offers more independence and comfort. You may work with patients who are more talkative and responsive, and you’ll be outside of the hustle of a care facility.

Many HHAs enjoy the opportunity to drive to client’s homes and visit many people in one day. If you are an independent thinker who enjoys caring for those who might otherwise be isolated, working as an HHA may be right for you.


Those who are considering multiple careers but know that they need to improve their education first will appreciate how straightforward it is to qualify as an HHA. Most programs for HHAs are measured in hours, not months or years. The training is comprehensive and many of the responsibilities of an HHA are things you already do for yourself and your family in your own home. It’s rare to find such a stable and rewarding career that doesn’t require years of education or student debt.

Helping Others

If you’re a people person who loves to talk, support, and care for others, then being an HHA is a great vocation. The job is always about helping others, which can help give your life meaning and purpose. Indeed, HHAs will often support the most vulnerable members of our community. By being an HHA, you’re getting paid to strengthen the community and really make someone’s life better.

Varied and Interesting Work  

No day is quite the same as the last when you’re an HHA! You’re always dealing with client’s changing needs and moods. HHAs love to organize and provide essential household services like doing laundry, cooking, and cleaning. If this sounds like you, then being an HHA is a rewarding way to scratch your organizational itch.

Considering becoming an HHA? Consider working for New Century Home Care! We are always looking for qualified Home Health Aides who want to make a difference in our clients lives. We offer great benefits and pay, as well as a positive work environment, excellent training opportunities and a chance to advance your career. Contact us for more information or download our job application!