Summer Activities for Older Adults

summer activities

Summer Activities for Seniors While Social Distancing

Many older adults feel more limited in the summer than during other seasons. Heat and humidity can be hard on everyone but is especially bothersome for older adults. This year, with social distancing and masks, seniors may feel even less able to get out and enjoy the sun. However, there are plenty of ways to stay cool and safe while still enjoying fun summer activities.

  1. For Those with Limited Mobility: Aqua Aerobics

Many seniors have chronic pain, or other conditions that limit their mobility. Aqua aerobics (or any form of swimming) can be a great way to move despite these challenges. The water can take the weight off any sore parts of the body, from knees to back. In fact, it’s often aqua aerobics are often part of physiotherapy plans to recover from injuries to joints.

Plus, in the summer, the water is a nice break from the heat. Look into local classes, or have your in-home caregiver provide some instructions as a private lesson.

  1. For the Early-Bird: Morning Walks

Getting out in the morning is a wise idea in the summer. First, it’s cooler and therefore easier for seniors to handle longer walks. Activity in the morning also helps set a productive, peaceful mood for the day. For anyone struggling with mental illness, especially depression, taking a morning walk may be a good reason to get out of bed and a good step towards improved mental health.

  1. For Those with Grandkids: Fishing

Fishing is a great way to bond with the grandkids and it’s possible to do so while still following social distancing rules. Older adults can meet their children and grandchildren at a favorite fishing spot and stand six feet apart. Fishing is great for older adults because it’s a low impact activity and it’s possible to switch between standing and sitting to rest or cope with chronic pain. Fishing is also a great opportunity to pass along wisdom, whether it’s about fishing or life, which makes it an ideal activity in which to create or extend the bond between generations.

  1. For the Grieving Senior: Gardening

Unfortunately, with age comes loss of friends, partners, and family. If your loved one is dealing with grief this summer, gardening might be a good outlet for them. Gardening is peaceful, and it doesn’t require those who are grieving to connect with people before they are ready. Still, it is symbolic of newness and growth, which can be a real comfort for those who are facing loss.

  1. For the Bored Senior: Drive-In Movies

Many of the outlet’s seniors have to entertain themselves, from museums to restaurants, are currently closed due to Covid-19. Even if your local entertainment is running, older adults may be more reluctant to get back to normal, as they are at a higher risk for complications due to Covid-19. It makes sense that they wouldn’t want to head out to large crowds or public spaces. But drive-in movies are a great way to do it safely, as seniors don’t have to leave their car to enjoy the movie, which means they aren’t exposed to any germs.

With all of these summer activities it’s important to remember to stay hydrated with lots of water and remain protected from the sun and heat with sunscreen, hats and shade! Summer is short and sweet, so get out there and enjoy it. No matter your age or activity level there’s something for everyone to do!