New Century Home Care Proud to be Deficiency Free

We’re excited to share that New Century Home Care (NCHC) has achieved distinctive results following the New York State Department of Health’s last survey of the agency.  The department conducted a survey during an unannounced visit at the end of November. The results are quite unusual – NCHC was given a ‘No Deficiencies’ rating, which is not a regular occurrence for most health care agencies!

“It was very gratifying to pass our survey in November by the DOH with flying colors,” said Mrs. Scharf, President of New Century Home Care. “We are dedicated to providing quality care to all our clients while maintaining the highest standards of compliance with all Department of Health policies and regulations.”

As part of the survey process, the New York State Department of Health reviewed a number of our health records and policies and also interviewed New Century Home Care’s Administrator Allen Spielman.

More About the State Inspection Process

The state inspection process is an important check to ensure government oversight on agencies that operate in New York State. The New York State Department of Health licenses and conducts regular inspections on agencies within the state, including:

  • Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHAs)
  • Long Term Home Health Care Programs
  • Hospices
  • Licensed Home Care Services Agencies (LHCSAs)
  • Limited Licensed Home Care Services

Agencies like New Century Home Care, which is a LHCSA, are monitored by the New York State Department of Health with periodic inspections that look to ensure that all federal and state regulations are met. Any reported complaints are also investigated by the New York Department of Health to determine if action against the agency is necessary.

In addition to ensuring that these agencies are safe and are meeting the needs of clients, residents and patients, this certification process is important to ensure that the agency is eligible to accept federal Medicare/Medicaid patients.

Our Work Leading Up to This Inspection

At New Century Home Care, our team works diligently to put the needs of our clients first, and that means ensuring that we meet all federal and state regulations day-to-day. In addition to ensuring that our policies and charts are accurate and up-to-date, our team puts in countless hours to conduct Emergency Drills and review our Health Commerce System account, Home Care Worker Registry, Criminal History Record Checks, and compliance with report submissions for annual statistical reports.

New Century Home Care’s dedication to quality care and high standards of compliance with the Department of Health’s policies and regulations are conveyed to all staff. “We impart both of these concepts to our staff by educating them to the importance of these principles and we provide encouragement and ongoing support to reach and maintain these goals,” Scharf says. “This formula has proven to be successful as we see happy customers and happy staff.  We plan, going forward, to continue to strive for excellence in all areas of provision of Home Care services.”

As a LHCSA, New Century Home Care is honored to be recognized for this compliance and our outstanding service. This incredible distinction is only possible because of our diverse and multicultural team of hardworking professionals, and we are so grateful to every single NCHC representative who has committed to upholding our values and giving all New Yorkers the highest level of care.