How To Choose A CDPAP Caregiver

CDPAP gives you the freedom to select your own personal assistant and appoint a friend, relative, neighbor – or even a previously hired aide to provide care for you at home.

But how do you know who will make the best personal assistant for you? Who will be the best fit for your needs?

Here are three tips to help you select a personal assistant.
1. Availability: Make sure the person you have in mind to be your CDPAP caregiver has the time availability to care for you.

2. The comfort factor: Consider if the person you have in mind is a good fit for your needs and personality. You want to feel comfortable around him/her, after all, you are going to be spending significant amount of time at home with this person.

3. How well do they know you? Having a personal assistant who understands your needs, and is attuned to your habits and preferences, will allow you to receive better quality of care.

Remember: You’re always in control of your care under CDPAP, and you can make changes to your aide, shift schedules, and alter your care as you see fit.